Creating an Amazing Garage Apartment

For many changing families, garage apartment living is an excellent solution. Whether you have a live-in parent who needs some help, but is able to do many daily chores on their own, or have a child who is back home after finishing college who is looking for his or her first job, then having a garage apartment could be the ideal fit for the needs of your family. But how can you make your garage apartment feel functional, cozy and comfortable. After all, you don’t want it feeling like a garage.

There are special challenges to apartment garage living that must be met that make it different from living in a house. First of all you have to maximize square footage to its fullest potential. Apartment garages are very small, so you need to account for every single inch of your floor plan when choosing and placing your furniture. You might want to have a large L-shaped or over-sized sofa, however after you get into your small space, you realize how enormous in size it appears. Choose the pieces of furniture you are going to use carefully so that they are not only comfortable but multi-functional as well. Sofa beds and futons are two good examples of versatile pieces of furniture that offer seating areas for entertaining in addition to sleeping space. Or an ottoman can double as a stool to prop your legs up or for seating purposes or a tray can be placed on top of it to serve as an extra table to use. Added function is offered by stacking tables and they don’t use up much space. However, you can separate them so extra table space is provided next to seating areas. When multi-functional pieces of furniture are used it will provide you with added functionality without the room becoming overcrowded with an excess amount of furniture.

Another common problem that garage apartments have is lack of storage space. They aren’t known for having spacious, large walk-in closets. The closets, in fact, tend to be quite small. So when storage is added into your floor plan, get creative with it. Buy some adjustable rods to add to closets to provide you with more hanging space. Pullout rods can also be installed so that you can pull them out quickly in the bathroom to hang your bath towel or robe on, but still don’t take up much wall space when they aren’t being used.

If you’re having a difficult time finding room for storing away bigger household items such as family momentos and seasonal decorations that you don’t need to access all the time, you can make use of the space underneath your sofa and bed for extra storage. You can also use cement blocks to raise up your bed and then a longer bed skirt can be used to hide the blocks. The added height will offer you a little extra storage space, while also giving your sleeping area or bedroom an elegant feel to it.

Other stylish methods for adding storage is to find interesting shelving that offer more functionality in addition to creating extra storage. Shelves offer a great spot for functional items or collectible and the floor space is kept open. Whether it is a shelf with photos and books over your bed, or a shelf with pretty soaps and towels on it in the bathroom, it offers architectural interest in addition to being functional. Look at estate sales, yard sales or flea markets for unique shelves that highlight items and provide an artistic focal point.

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